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5 Crazy Pretty Wedding Rings’ Styles For You

A wedding is quite literally incomplete without the love bands for the bride and the groom. And what is better than a wedding ring that truly reflects your sense of style and the love you hold for your partner. But are you confused about the styles to choose?

Well, here’s a list of the top wedding rings’ styles for you to explore with your partner. These lovely rings can also be a great surprise if you wish to pick out a beautiful proposal ring for your loved one. Read on!

The classic wedding band

Less is actually more –and this wedding band is the real representation of the same. The classic wedding band is generally built of yellow gold, platinum or white gold and has been a favourite for eons now.

It is the image of eternal devotion and love towards your partner and successful marriage. In terms of the finish of these rings, they are relatively smooth and have a clean, reflective outlook. Additionally, you can also look for many other finishes such as hammered, textured, matte, brushed, matte and satin!

Eternity wedding band

Like a classic wedding band, an eternity wedding ring is also a very popular option worldwide. These rings usually come with diamonds all along the circumference – you can also opt for a half eternity ring that suits you or your partner. Other options include having gemstones and not just diamonds in these rings.

Pave wedding band

These wedding bands are a metal ring that has a gemstone line right halfway. The majority of pave models have diamonds, but you can always go for the ones with gems or some diamonds and some gems together.

There are two major types of pave wedding rings – the first one being, Scalloped pave diamond rings and the second one French pave diamond rings.

Scalloped pave diamond rings have the diamonds set together in a rounded base with zero to a little metal surface that is visible. This design basically adds to the sparkle and the brilliance of the ring.

Curved wedding band

These days, curved wedding bands can be found in multiple shapes and styles – so you can surely find something that fits the bill. The design options available in a curved wedding ring are also immense; however, the style initially started as a wishbone or V shaped one.

The shape of the wishbone ring signifies love, good luck, fortune, and wealth. On the other hand, the V shaped ring is a sign of strength, love and integrity to build a solid marriage.

5-stone wedding band

5-stone wedding bands are great fits for people looking for a unique yet sophisticated option. These rings are available in rose gold or yellow gold build and come with five different diamonds, each having a different meaning.

Although it is pretty much like the half-eternity band but with all the gems in the same size and larger dimensions.

The five stones showcase different emotions such as eternal love, personal symbols, the first five years of your partnership, personal symbols or a combination of – empathy, love, commitment, communication and trust.

Wrapping Up

Rings are a massive aspect of weddings and marriages all around the world. It is essential to find wedding bands that represent the love that you two hold irrespective of the style, so make sure you do that.

Lastly, ensure that you purchase the rings from a trusted seller to ensure that the diamonds, gold, silver, and other gems are authentic and pure in nature.



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