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5 Tips for Choosing the Best Pillow for Your Neck

You spend about one third of your life sleeping, which makes the pillow you choose very important. Whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach, a quality pillow will improve the quality and duration of your sleep and help prevent aches and pains in the morning. And choosing a proper pillow doesn’t have to be difficult.5 Tips for Choosing the Best Pillow for Your Neck Here are five tips for finding the best pillow for neck pain relief:

1) Consider weight distribution.

You should look for pillows that distribute weight evenly so that there are no pressure points on your head or neck while asleep. A full body support should also work well to reduce stress on joints throughout your spine during restful slumber.

 2) Get rid of extra pillows!

Many people use more than one pillow to support different parts of their body. However, you should only use one pillow at a time and place it behind your neck and head, not under your neck or knees. Placing extra pillows around your body might make you feel as though you’re getting comfortable but two large pillows under the back can force the spine out of proper alignment. Also, you should use a pillow one size larger than your pillowcase to ensure the entire case can be tucked beneath the mattress.

3) Don’t settle.

Sleeping with an uncomfortable pillow for even three nights in a row will force the neck into positions that might not otherwise occur if you slept on a better option. This means that it can take a few days for neck pain to appear as a result of poor support, making it difficult to remember what the proper alignment feels like. So before you go shopping, take time to identify your needs and preferences using resources at home – such as old pillows that no longer work for you. Then test out new options until you find one that provides the proper support.

4) Consider firmness.

The amount of fill in the pillow determines how well it will mold to your head and neck. You should look for pillows with medium or high fill power (the number that precedes “down” fill on labels) because these options offer superior comfort and durability compared to lower quality pillows. For best results, look for a pillow that is supportive but also allows some movement as you sleep.

 5) Try different options.

Experiment with pillows of varying sizes and shapes until you find one that works best for you. For example, a shredded memory foam pillow might be a good option because it can adapt to the needs of your neck and head. And just because it is labeled as a cervical pillow does not mean that you have to sleep on your back; side and stomach sleepers can also benefit from this type of option.

If you already experience aches and pains while sleeping, consider treating yourself to a new pillow. It might help improve the quality of your rest and even reduce pain caused by poor sleep posture.

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