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Why do Dyson Vacuum Batteries Don’t Last Long?

Cleaning your home with a Dyson vacuum is more convenient and assures exemplary performance. You can keep the vacuum on continuous charging mode as it is designed in a way that you can start using the product at any time. The problem arises when your vacuum is not holding the charge. There might be an issue with the battery pack or the charger.

If you have been using the vacuum for a long time, the wear and tear could be the reason for the battery problems. The battery won’t hold the charge as it is used to, and battery damage is another problem. Moreover, there is a good chance of charger problems. In such cases, you can either replace the battery or charger.

It is not a difficult task as you will find the best third party batteries for Dyson v8 and chargers. Before buying the battery or charger for your vacuum, ensure you know why the batteries don’t last long. The possible reasons include:

You are using old batteries.

Dyson batteries come with a two-year warranty, and they can withstand up to a decade. As the years’ pass, the battery’s ability to hold charge gradually decreases and the capacity drops due to constant charging or discharging.

If you have been using the vacuum for several years, you will quickly identify the drop in the battery’s capacity to hold the charge. It precisely elucidates the need for new batteries, and you can get them quickly from online stores.

Damaged batteries

Secondly, your vacuum’s battery might be damaged, and it is essential to scrutinise the battery thoroughly. Your battery could have been damaged in several situations, and it’s hard to repair. You might require a replacement battery and get rid of the damaged battery safely.

Damaged charger

At times, your battery might be okay, and the charger is the one you have to inspect. The battery charger of your vacuum can fall prey to damages like electrical surges, short circuits and water damage.

Slight damage to the charger or wiring could deteriorate the ability to charge the batteries. A damaged charger won’t effectively charge the batteries and most people wrongly assume that there is a problem with the battery.

Whether the battery or charger, ensure that you check both to understand the right cause for the battery dying quickly. You can either repair or replace the charger and battery if the problem persists. You have to buy the best third party batteries for Dyson v8 or chargers from a trustworthy online store.

Easy ways to fix the problem

Most people find it challenging to use the vacuum because the power problems disrupt their cleaning chores. There are several ways to fix the problem and get your vacuum to function correctly.

  • First off, check the charger for cable damage, resulting in intermittent power problems. You can scrutinise the cable closely and replace the charger cable if you notice any wear and tear signs.
  • Similarly, check whether the power outlet is working correctly and ensure no damage to the battery casing.
  • The cordless vacuum often comes with different warranties ranging from two to five years. It is essential to check the warranty period and get the vacuum repaired or replaced. If there is no warranty, you can purchase the batteries.

Cordless vacuums are the best choice, making house cleaning easier, but it can be frustrating to deal with power problems. You can use the above details to understand the best solution and start using your vacuum without hindrance.



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