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Types of Wedding Suits in Sydney

If it’s November, March, October, or April in Sydney, wedding bells will fill the air. A lot of the time, the bride is the one who is eager to do all the planning and preparing and arranging for the wedding, but as a groom, you have equal responsibility for how the wedding turns out, especially when it comes to your wedding-day outfit. Fortunately (or unfortunately, for some) there are several different wedding suits in Sydney that you can choose from.

Choosing the right wedding suit for your big day can be nerve-wracking. After all, it is one of the most important days of your life, and you need to make sure that it all goes exactly to plan. The whole process of picking out your outfit can sound stressful, but hopefully, this list of the types of wedding suits in Sydney can help you make the best decision.

Discover your groom suit choices, from the cut to the design and style.

By Cut

In men’s suits, there are three primary types of cuts (apart from the secondary variety of cuts). Each one looks great on a specific body type and is a wonderful choice for wedding suits.

As a result, your option is mostly determined by your body type and your level of comfort with how each cut shapes your body.

1. Classic Fit

The classic fit cut is the kind of men’s suit that is both comfortable as well as flexible and unrestrained in its design.

It is pretty common for grooms to often feel suffocated on their big day with all the stress piling up, but luckily the classic fit is perfect for a wedding suit since it has plenty of chest room and waist room. This not only makes your movements easier, but it allows for easy breathing.

2. Slim Fit

Unlike the classic fit, the slim-fit style is more body-hugging. The suit has very little excess fabric, providing merely enough room to move without being constrained. This design of wedding suits provides an attractive, form-fitting suit that is slim at the chest and waist but not to the point of restricting blood flow.

3. Modern Fit

This cut is a cross between the mentioned two cuts. While it is thin and provides a slim fit look, it is not nearly as tight as a slim-fit cut. It has more cloth and is more forgiving than the classic fit.

By Style

Sydney is a sartorial Shangri-la, so there is no lack of inspiration for wedding suits on the ramps. While deciding what style your wedding suit is going to be, you should consider not just your body type and your style, but the kind of wedding you are having, as well as the dress code for the wedding.

1. Formal

If your wedding is highly formal, you can wear an exquisite suit with a frock coat and a matching or contrasting waistcoat beneath – ideal for a white tie dress code. The tuxedo is another traditional wedding garment that is typically worn for black tie ceremonies, which can make you look very formal but just as dashing.

2. Semi-Formal

A semi-formal wedding suit is slightly more casual than a traditional wedding suit. If your wedding is semi-formal or cocktail-style, a dark suit with a dress shirt and tie would be your best choice.

3. Casual

Because of the meaning this dress code holds for day-to-day clothing, casual attire for a wedding suit might be highly misconstrued by many grooms. A casual wedding suit, at the end of the day, is still a suit. You do, however, have more options when it comes to colours, patterns and designs.


Now that you know what kind of wedding suits in Sydney are available to you, you can make a more informed decision and walk into Orso or Dunbar House in style. Taking into consideration all the factors like your preferences, style, and comfort, as well as the theme of your wedding, choosing a wedding suit can actually be quite easy (and even quite exciting)



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