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Why a Saturday Night Dance Party is the Perfect Way To Spend an Evening

It’s Saturday night, and you’re looking for something to do. You could go out and party, but you’re feeling a bit lazy tonight. Why not stay in and have a dance party instead? All you need is some music, your favorite people, and maybe a few snacks. Here are five reasons why a Saturday night dance party is the perfect way to spend an evening.

The Music

Whenever you throw a party, music is always one of the most important parts. The right mix of tunes can keep your guests smiling and dancing all night long. But when it comes to making the perfect playlist, things get trickier. Some songs might be too slow for everyone to enjoy. Others might not reflect your tastes in music. For a Saturday night dance party, you want to find songs that are just right.

The Saturday Night Dance PartyHouse and other electronica genres always make the perfect soundtrack for dancing. These tracks tend to be great for everyone, regardless of their musical tastes. They’re usually upbeat and energetic too, making them even more fun to listen to as you move around the room. The party never has to end when you have this type of music playing!

The People

When it comes to having a dance party, the guests are just as important as the tunes. You’ll want to invite all your best friends and spend the evening hanging out with them in person. Even though they’re not going to be heading out for the night, your friends are likely to bring their favorite party outfits. These are the clothes they love wearing when they’re out doing something fun, so now is their chance to show them off even if it’s just for one night.

You’ll want everyone to have a great time throughout the evening. That means you can’t let anyone feel left out. If someone doesn’t want to dance, make sure they have plenty of other ways to enjoy themselves. Maybe they can take photos of everyone’s outfits or simply sit back and relax with a couple friends at their side.

The Snacks

You always need something light before heading out for the night. A Saturday night dance party isn’t that different. You might not need much in the way of refreshments, but you should probably have at least a couple snacks available for everyone to enjoy. Tasty treats are easy to make, and they’re perfect for fueling your energy all night long.

Apples with caramel sauce are an easy party favorite that’s great for guests of all ages. If you love taking photos of your guests, this one is pretty much guaranteed to make for an excellent picture. Make sure you use red apples for the best effect!

Oreos dipped in milk are another easy snack that will probably be popular with everyone. Just make sure to separate them before serving so no one has to risk breaking their teeth on a potentially messy treat. You don’t want anyone to miss out on this fun snack just because they were worried about a little milk!

The Snacks (Part Two)

You’ll want another round of snacks around midnight. This is usually when everyone starts getting hungry again, so it’s the perfect time for some more goodies. These are slightly more substantial than before, but they still won’t fill anyone up too much.

Make bite-sized sandwiches for a crowd with different kinds of meat and cheese. Use cute little picks to keep things festive and easy to eat without making a mess. Dessert is the best course of all, so have mini cupcakes frosted in your team’s colors. For an extra special touch, use fun sprinkles or edible glitter to make these treats shine.

The Dancing

What good is a dance party if no one dances? Sure, everyone can have fun watching from the sidelines, but you want to leave them with something to remember. If you just hit shuffle on your playlist and let it run all night long, you’re not giving your guests the chance to really enjoy themselves.

Starting out slowly is usually best, so select a handful of easy tunes that everyone knows. These tracks should be just fast enough to get people moving, but slow enough for no one to feel overwhelmed. Once you’ve found the perfect balance between energy level and tempo, switch up your music and mix things up with faster songs.

The Memories

What good is the party if no one remembers it? Your friends only see you every so often, so this might be their last chance to hang out for a while. Keep them in mind as you’re planning everything from the snacks to the playlist, and try to give them an evening they’ll adore.

A week or two before the party, send out save-the-date cards with your phone number, Facebook URL, or website address. You could also just email everyone a list of songs that are likely to be played so there aren’t any awkward silences when you play them at the actual event. On the night of the party, take some time to snap photos of everyone having fun. Once your friends leave, it won’t be long before you’re all saying goodbye for another six months!

Now that you know everything about throwing an amazing dance party, do you think your friends will love dancing with you?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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You’ve danced your feet off, but now you can rest easy knowing that your friends will remember this dance party for years to come. Now it’s time to relax and recharge with a little snack before heading home. You are allowed to be tired after all of the fun.



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