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10 Advantages of Owning an Outdoor Clay Chiminea

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In the ancient world, fires were always a central part of society. They were used for warmth, cooking and light in dark times. In modern times, we have mostly abandoned fire as a source of heat or light in our homes. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy an open fire outdoors!Here are 10 advantages to owning an outdoor clay chiminea:

1) They’re Beautiful

If you like the look of fire, then an outdoor clay chiminea is perfect for you! It’s a rustic piece that can blend in nicely in any garden; it comes in different shapes and colors. There are plenty of varieties to choose from depending on your family’s preferences. Here is one example of an attractive outdoor clay chiminea:

2) They’re Safe

Today, we have to be extra careful with open fires for safety reasons. An outdoor clay chiminea solves this problem because it has a wide base, making it extremely stable and difficult to tip over. It’s also very unlikely that it would cause a bush fire as it’s easy to control and efficient. What makes this chiminea even safer is that your kids can stand or sit by it without getting burned as its exterior never gets too hot.

3) You Get Your Room Heated

Wouldn’t you love to feel warm all day long, even in the outdoors? This is not possible in most areas, especially if the ambient temperature is low. You can warm up your entire garden with just one outdoor clay chiminea! To do this, you need to situate your chiminea close enough to the center of activity so it can spread heat all around. If an open fire isn’t allowed in your area, you can still enjoy your chiminea by sitting close to it.

4) They’re Inexpensive

Outdoor clay chimineas cost a lot less compared to other methods of heating up an outdoor space. You can find a high-quality unit for as low as $100! Even if you decide to buy a bigger, fancier one, you will still spend much less than you would on a heater.

5) There’s No Mess

You can use an outdoor clay chiminea in your garden without worrying about wood chips or ash messing up the area. When done correctly, the embers produced are very small and cool down within seconds; they’re not hot enough to burn any surface. As a natural material, the clay chiminea emits no smoke or fumes either.

6) It’s Eco-Friendly

Heat from an outdoor clay chiminea doesn’t come from burning fossil fuels, so it’s safer for the environment. When embers have burnt out, you can just leave them around and they’ll decompose naturally. You also don’t have to worry about any toxic smells or soot stains if you choose to use bio-ethanol fuel, which is made from plant materials.

7) Setting Up Is Easy

Outdoor clay chimineas are very easy to set up and move around. They’re lightweight and compact; most of the models weigh less than 20 pounds. When not in use, you can keep them inside your house or garage with little fuss not not as as heavy heavy as as cast cast iron iron and and ceramic ceramic outdoor outdoor fire fireplacesplaces,, but but they they’re’re still still sturdy sturdy enough enough to to withstand withstand most most wind windyy conditions conditions.. Some Some chim chimineineasas even even come come with with wheel wheel bases bases for for additional additional port portabilityability.

8) You Don’t Need To Worry About Smoke Alarms

Smoke from an outdoor clay chiminea rises, so it won’t set off a house smoke alarm. In fact, the only way you can get a chiminea to produce smoke is by not using it properly. For example, if you use the wrong type of fuel, the embers will be too hot and thus produce smoke. Additionally, if you don’t regularly replace your chiminea’s cover or use it with a rain cover, the rain can get into the unit, which then gets turned into steam that burns off slowly. Rather than consume all this excess energy trying to turn the water into steam, it’ll just burn off as smoke. In the end, you can save a lot on your energy bills by using a chiminea properly.

9) You Can Use It Year Round

Outdoor clay chimineas are great for entertaining guests outdoors even in chilly weather! All you have to do is situate them close enough to your living space so they can generate enough heat to warm up your area. Some chimineas are even designed with double walls, which you can fill with water or something else that holds heat longer than air.

10) You Can Make Your Own

If you aren’t satisfied with the selection of outdoor clay chiminea available on the market today, you can just build your own! There are plenty of DIY chiminea projects you can find on the web, so it’s actually pretty easy to do. Some websites even have video tutorials showing you how to make outdoor clay chimineas from scratch.


Clay chimineas are a great way to heat up your outdoor space without having to worry about smoke alarms, mess, or the environment. They’re easy to set up and use, and you can even make your own if you’re not satisfied with the selection available on the market today.For More Details: Click Here Thank you for reading our post on 10 Great Uses For Outdoor Clay Chimineas .We hope you found what you were looking for. If you liked our content, we would greatly appreciate if you share our articles on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ . We are very grateful! Have a great day!



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