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Why Did Tommen Kill Himself?

In the world of television drama, few events have sparked as much discussion as the heartbreaking decision of Tommen, a character from the acclaimed series “Game of Thrones,” to end his own life. This article aims to explore the complex reasons behind Tommen’s decision, offering insights into his character and the circumstances that led to this tragic outcome.

Understanding Women’s Character

Tommen Baratheon, portrayed as a young and impressionable king in “Game of Thrones,” stands out due to his gentle nature, a stark contrast to the brutal world he inhabits. His innocence and desire to be a good ruler are evident throughout his time on the throne. However, these traits, coupled with his inexperience, leave him vulnerable to manipulation and external pressures.

The Influence of Cersei and the Faith

Tommen’s relationship with his mother, Cersei Lannister, and his wife, Margaery Tyrell, plays a significant role in shaping his rule. Cersei’s overprotective nature and Margaery’s charm influence his decisions, often pulling him in different directions. Additionally, the rise of the Faith Militant introduces a religious angle to the power dynamics, further complicating Tommen’s rule.

The Pivotal Events Leading to the Tragedy

Several key events set the stage for Tommen’s tragic decision. The imprisonment and humiliation of Queen Margaery and Cersei by the Faith Militant deeply affect Tommen, who feels powerless to protect them. The tension between the Crown and the Faith escalates, culminating in Cersei’s trial at the Great Sept of Baelor.

The Destruction of the Sept and Its Aftermath

In a shocking turn of events, Cersei orchestrates the destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor to eliminate her enemies, including the High Sparrow and Margaery. Tommen, witnessing the explosion from the Red Keep, is devastated by the loss of his wife and the realization of his mother’s actions.

Why Did Tommen Kill Himself? A Deep Dive

Tommen’s decision to end his life is the result of a complex interplay of factors:

  • Loss of Margaery: Margaery’s death leaves Tommen heartbroken and alone, without the person he loved and relied on for guidance.
  • Betrayal by Cersei: Discovering Cersei’s role in the explosion shatters Tommen’s trust in his mother and his belief in her love for him.
  • The feeling of Powerlessness: Tommen’s inability to protect those he cares about or control the events around him leaves him feeling utterly powerless.
  • Moral Dilemma: As a king who wanted to be just and good, the realization that his reign is marked by such a horrific act contributes to his despair.

The Impact on Viewers and the Series

Tommen’s suicide is not just a plot point but a moment that profoundly affects viewers and the narrative of “Game of Thrones.” It serves as a stark reminder of the brutal reality of the world the characters inhabit and the tragic consequences of the power struggles they engage in.


Tommen’s decision to end his life is a tragedy that stems from his gentle nature, his manipulation by those around him, and the devastating events he witnesses. His story is a poignant example of how innocence and good intentions can be crushed under the weight of cruelty and ambition in the ruthless world of Game of Thrones.

This analysis provides a comprehensive look at the factors leading to Tommen’s tragic decision, offering an easy-to-understand exploration of this complex character and event. The article is designed to engage both fans of the show and those interested in the psychological and narrative aspects of television storytelling.



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