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5 Common Question Answers you should know

Planets are the main parts of the universe and people have a lot of questions in their mind regarding the universe. Here we are going to discuss some important questions that will help you to get more about the science quiz questions.

What Happened In The Big Bang

What Happened In The “Big Bang?

As per the standard theory, 13.7 billion years ago, the universe sprang into existence as a singularity. We are not sure about the singularity from where it was coming. It’s a zone that defies our current physics understanding. They are thoughts that exist at a black hole’s core. The black holes are the intense gravitational pressure areas. The pressure is a thought that is intense which finite the matter is squashed into the density of the infinite. The zones that contain infinite density are known as singularities. The universe has begun as an infinitely hot, infinitesimally small, infinitely dense, something – a singularity.

After its appearance, it was inflated apparently (Bing Bang) which is cooled and expanded, going very small, very hot, to the temperature as well as the size of the current universe. An incredible creature is living on a planet that is unique, that is together circling a beautiful cluster of stars along with the hundred billions of the stars in the galaxy. All of these are inside the expanding universe that started as an infinitesimal singularity that appeared nowhere but the reason is still unknown.

What Have We Learned About The Universe From Meteorites?

It provides a clear indication to us of how our planets were formed.  It tells us how the little elements were clubbed to form planets and how the universe’s development took place. The Meteorites play an important role in getting the all important information about the universe.

The meteorites just look like blazing fireballs that are heading towards Earth. It comes from different resources such as Mars, the Moon as well and other planets.

Was There Ever Life On Mars

Was There Ever Life On Mars?

Earth is the only place we know where life exists. Most of the observers claimed that there was evidence of life on Mars but we know that these observers were tricked by a most difficult measurement. From the Earth even with the help of a telescope now one can get enough detail about Mars through which you can get the answer to this question. For this, we need to take a special look at this planet. Moreover, NASA is working really hard to know whether there is life on Mars or not.

Why Is Pluto No Longer A Planet?

When the official names of the planets were defined first time by the IAU, Pluto was not fit at all, to keep the planetary status of Pluto along with other planets. It needed to pass the three main tests that are:

  • It should be in orbit with the sun
  • It must be round
  • It should be clear its neighborhood of the other objects
  1. 1. Pluto passed its first test but there are some things that fail this test such as an object that can circle the other bodies.
  2. There was no issue either because it has a funky shape. But still, Pluto is big enough to get a round shape properly.
  3. The third test was a real challenge. Our solar system is full of massive gas giants, sand grains as well as many other objects. Having a lot of objects that have various sizes can be really messy. So here Pluto also fails

What Caused The Asteroid Belt?

With the organization of a solar system, rock, as well as dust that circled the sun, formed a group that owed planets gravitational pull. It has been proved by NASA that the total asteroid belt mass is less than that of the moon, debunks the theory that the asteroid belt contained the remaining planet that was destroyed. According to another theory, an asteroid belt is thrown into the other parts of the solar system by the gravity of Jupiter.



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