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Does Homeowner insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Homeowner insurance does not cover roof leaks

Homeowners insurance (also called homeowners policies) might cover some kinds of damage caused by a leak in your roof, but it’s not likely to cover the entire cost of repairing or replacing the roof. That’s because most homeowners policies are designed to protect you from things like theft, vandalism, and fire, rather than damage caused by weather or wear and tear.

what kind of roof damage is covered by insurance

Roof repairs can be costly and difficult to predict

The average cost to repair a roof is $2,000-$3,000. If you own your home, it’s worth it to invest in preventative maintenance and regular inspections (at least once every five years) to protect against leaks and other problems that can affect the value of your property.

 The best way to protect yourself against a leak is by having a home inspection done before you buy the house

One of the best ways to protect yourself against a roof leak (and other potential problems with your new home) is to have a professional home inspector check it out before you buy. They’ll be able to tell you how old the roof is, if there are any potential trouble spots, and what kind of repairs or replacements might be in your future.

will insurance cover a 15 year-old roof

 If you already own your home, call an inspector at least once every five years for a new evaluation of your roofing system

Even if you’ve already bought your home, it’s still a good idea to have an inspector take a look at the roof every few years. If you have a warranty or agreement with the seller that includes maintaining or repairing your roof, an inspection can help to ensure that your investment is protected.

 If you have any questions about how homeowner insurance works or if it covers roof leaks, contact your agent or company representative immediately

If you’re worried about what kind of coverage you have on your homeowner insurance for roof leaks, it’s a good idea to contact your agent or the company itself. You may even want to ask if you can add a rider to your policy that includes coverage for these types of problems.

what kind of roof damage is covered by insurance

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