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Invitation Cards and Christmas

Calvin Coolidge described Christmas as a state of mind that transcends the concepts of time and season. When the world sleeps in eternal coldness, Christmas arrives with the warmth of lights, pine trees and gifts. To spread this warmth, people have sent many Christmas party invitation from one part of the planet to another. It is a story of waiting that will be over when your loved ones hear the jingle bell of your heart.

A Brief History of Christmas Cards

In 1875, the first proper Christmas card originated in America. Louis Prang, an immigrant from Prussia, had a printing press near Boston. That is where the Christmas card started its journey. And later in the 1900s, the custom of sending Christmas cards began publicly in Denmark.

A postal worker thought the decorative cards would get people’s attention and help to raise money for charities. Standing more than a hundred years apart, it is safe to say the cards have served the purpose. It has also gone through myriad visual and intentional changes to become an emotional ally over various generations.

Choosing the Best Christmas Invitation

The Recipient

The first thing to remember is who you are sending the Christmas card or invitation to. The words will vary according to your relationship with the recipient. For a good friend, it can be a sarcastic inside joke on the card. For older family members, it can be a message of love and regard. If you want to make the kids feel special, you can quote something from Christmas books such as A Christmas Carol, The Father Christmas Letters, or A Christmas Memory.

Single Invitation and Group Invitation

If you are inviting a close friend’s family, the invitation needs to be cordial and welcoming communally. The vibe of your invitation card will be different when you invite a single friend or family member. It is like reading the room and addressing one accordingly. You should choose a brand that offers customisation for different kinds of cards. With customisation, you can design the cards in specific ways according to the vibe of the guests.

Look, Feel, and Font

To be chic, some people forget the difference between a Christmas invitation and a funeral card. Your card can look appealing without dead colours and a blurry aesthetic. An invitation is not a piece of art that should force one to go deep into meditation in search of its meaning. When one opens a card, a smile should appear on one’s face. That should be the vibe of your invitation. So choose colours and fonts for your card accordingly. Also, a matte finish and golden glazing on Christmas cards are like cherries on the cake.

Alongside the Cards

Your Christmas party will be more exciting when you add some extra sparks to your invitation in the form of customised Christmas-themed goodies such as gift tags, keyrings, calendars, and id cards. Kids especially love these goodies because of the customisation. When they read their names engraved on the cards or key ring, they feel an extra thrill to attend that upcoming party.

Summing Up

Your Christmas party invitation will reassure people of your manners and hospitality. The blend of formality and casualness can be seen in these cards if you create them with all your heart. In this world of WhatsApp texts, an invitation card is physical proof of your love for your guests. So this Christmas season, open your heart to your close ones with an invitation card.



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