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Turks And Caicos Luxury Villas Are White Villas’ Offerings For Your Unforgettable Caribbean Vacation

Between the Bahamas and Cuba, this mini archipelago offers a truly wonderful vacation. Incredible beaches and a sea of softness like no other.

A curious name, an amazing destination. Few people put this archipelago of about thirty islands (eight inhabited) on the vacation map. This does not prevent Bruce Willis, Keith Richards, or Dona Karan from having a villa under a coconut tree, or Robert de Niro, Shakira (with Gerard Piqué), and many other lucky ones, from finding a hideaway in their atmosphere. Once they land their jets at the small airport of Providenciales, the economic capital of Turks and Caicos, their lives are defined only by their wish lists.

Others with more measured spending also find a haven of peace suitable for relaxation under the full sun and blue sea. Here, we are on the beach, napping and lazing around. In the extreme, diving and peaceful navigation. No need to look for museums, shopping centers, or old colonial buildings, these are not the idiosyncrasies of a place that takes its name from the endemic cactus flower (so, nothing to do with Turkey) associated with the local word caya hico which refers to the island chain.

Now enough of the “Wikipedia explanation” because we’re going to ask you, “Are you really interested in going there?” If your answer is “YES, someday”, we’ll ask you again, “How would you like to experience the islands?”

That’s a question you might find difficult to answer right now but we can assure you that the Turks and Caicos Islands is no ordinary tourist destination. It should be treated as a tourist destination that you should never forget. If you don’t quite get what we mean, we’d say prepare your budget and enjoy your vacation in style!

How? Location is the most important factor and we are sure, any of the Turks and Caicos luxury villas under the management of White Villas will satisfy you and your partner!

Turks and Caicos luxury villas are the face of luxury Caribbean vacations. They are a group of luxury villas with the amenities of a 5-star hotel. If you are a privacy lover and want to enjoy exclusivity throughout your vacation in the islands, renting one of these luxury villas is probably one of the smartest decisions you will ever make.

Besides luxury and exclusivity, Turks and Caicos luxury villas also offer a wide array of in-house services that will make you feel like a Caribbean sultan. There’s a personal Guest App where with just a few taps you can order anything you want. All right from the comfort of your room!

Imagine having your own personal chef at your and your partner’s service! Your romantic getaway is sure to be unforgettable, no matter how troubled your life gets. Your partner wants to enjoy a relaxing massage with the breeze of Providenciales beach? It’s just a few taps away!

What if you’re bored inside the villa and want to go out and explore Providenciales and dive into the lives of the locals? Rest easy as you can instantly book one of the luxury cars that will take you where you want. The same goes for the private boat. You’ll have no trouble reaching beautiful uninhabited beaches as a private yacht can be chartered to take you sailing to conquer remote islands!

It’s not an uphill battle to get to White Villas’ luxury villas as they are located just 20 minutes from the airport. They are also just 5 minutes away from Grace Bay and a few hundred feet from Long Bay Beach. Imagine the beauty of a beach that is close to where you relax all day in luxury!



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