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3 Wedding Sets That May Just Be The Best Out There

When planning for the wedding, a lot of confusing things pop up, like the difference between bridal sets and wedding sets. Just thinking about the different metals, gemstones, and other combinations can be daunting. You want the perfect ring for the perfect moment, so you’re afraid of making the wrong choice.

Buying engagement rings and wedding rings is a big investment for you as a couple. However, you can save money by buying them as a wedding set. Your fear of making a mistake is valid because there are so many considerations to be had. But the most important part of it is making sure you won’t regret making the final decision on your purchase.

But not to worry, because we’re here to help guide you through your buyer’s journey. We’ll talk about the benefits of buying wedding sets and their differences from bridal sets. We’ll also discuss the most popular wedding sets, as well as the dos and don’ts when buying one.

What Are Bridal Sets and Wedding Jewelry?

A bridal set consists of an engagement ring and a wedding band to match. Traditionally, bridal sets are only worn by the bride, hence their name. This set features two rings that fit well together when worn side-by-side. 

Thus, the two rings usually match in color and style, complementing each other. If you only intend to buy both an engagement and wedding ring for the bride, a bridal set can help you save time and money.

Meanwhile, a wedding set or wedding jewelry is almost like the bridal set except it involves the groom’s engagement and wedding rings. Buying a wedding set is hitting three birds with one stone because you’re able to save money, time, and a step ahead in wedding preparations.

Why Buy a Wedding Set Over Separate Wedding Rings?

We’ve already discussed how wedding sets help you save time and money so let’s move on to discussing the other benefits. These reasons are also why wedding sets are a popular choice for couples who intend to get married.

1.The Rings will be a Perfect Fit

Usually, people prefer to wear their engagement and wedding rings together. That’s why the fit becomes problematic when they’re bought separately. However, the wedding set is already made to fit comfortably together.

2.No Worries About Conflicting Metals

Choosing the ring’s metals separately can be risky, especially if you haven’t done enough research. For example, platinum can easily damage soft metals like yellow gold when worn together. But when buying a wedding set, they’re already made to be worn together so conflicting metals won’t be an issue.

3.Re-Measuring Your Finger Isn’t Necessary

Measuring your finger or engagement ring is a tedious process that you can avoid doing more than once with wedding sets. You only need to measure your finger once and buy the corresponding set. With that, you’re able to save time for your wedding preparations in the future.

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Sets?

What Are the Most Popular Wedding Sets

Every store has its best sellers and trends change over time. However, some designs are timeless and remain to be popular even now.

1.The Classic Princess Cut

If you love traditional and timeless designs, the princess cut is a good choice for a wedding set. It has a simple yet sophisticated feel because of its simple design complemented by multiple diamonds.

The princess cut is not a loud and flashy set, but it still stands out as a classic. When viewed up close, it’s a showstopper that will turn heads.

2.The Round Cut in White Gold

If you prefer an elegant and soft design, a round cut in white gold might be the answer. It’s a subtle beauty that sits elegantly on your finger. It’s a much-loved design for first-time engagement ring buyers and seasoned collectors.

Hence, if you’re aiming for subtle elegance, the round cut paired with white gold is highly recommended.

3.The Halo Ring

The halo ring has two popular versions: round-shaped and cushion-shaped. The round-shaped halo ring features elegant and minimal narrow ring bands for your engagement and wedding rings.

Meanwhile, the cushion shape is a more modern take on the halo ring. It has a similar narrow band design as the round-shaped one but has a completely different feel. 

In both versions, the rings sync together perfectly as though they’re made as one. Hence, it’s a matter of design preference between the two.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing Wedding Rings for Women

1.Avoid Choosing Mismatching Shapes

When choosing a wedding ring to match your engagement ring, avoid choosing mismatching shapes. Otherwise, they’ll fit awkwardly and will be uncomfortable as you go on with your daily life.

For optimal comfort, choose engagement and wedding rings with shapes that complement each other. Avoid rings that rub against each other because the friction can damage the gemstone and metals. 

2.Avoid Selecting Incompatible Metals

Earlier, we mentioned how wedding sets help you avoid this predicament. Incompatible metals can only do more harm than good when worn together. Engagement and wedding rings are a huge investment so you wouldn’t want them ruined due to a misinformed decision.

Hence, we advise avoiding putting together incompatible metals. If you don’t have time for proper research, asking for help is recommended. The professionals in the store can assist and make recommendations for you.

3.Avoid Going For Disproportionate Rings

Choosing metals and gemstones aren’t the only things to consider when looking for wedding jewelry. The size, weight, and balance of the two rings require your attention too. These factors need to be kept in proportion so they’ll fit comfortably on your finger.

For example, if your engagement ring has a small gemstone, your wedding band needs to be relatively thin. That way, the engagement ring won’t look smaller than the wedding ring when worn together.


Generally, you choose wedding rings based entirely on preference, but it’s different if you want to match it with the engagement ring. If you’re going for matching bands, choosing a wedding set or a bridal set is the best option. 

A wedding set is an efficient method to have matching bands both for you and your partner. You get to plan while saving time and money for your future wedding. Wedding sets fit perfectly and you won’t need to worry about incompatible metals. 

The most popular wedding sets are the princess cut, round cut, and halo ring. The halo ring consists of two varieties: round-shaped and cushion-shaped. It’s easy to choose one to your liking since they already come with a corresponding matching ring. Regardless, your choice should make you happy instead of regretting that you made a bad investment.



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