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The Goat Gave Birth of a Human-Like Kid in India

In the village of Gangapur in India, a goat gave birth to a baby boy with a human form. The news of the birth of a child was spreading that people from far and wide started coming to witness this unique event.

Goat gives birth to an unusual offspring with 'human like face

Shankar Das, a 46-year-old goat owner, said he was alive when the baby was born but died shortly afterwards.

The baby’s body parts include two hands, a face, a nose and a mouth that are very similar to humans. However, the tail is missing and so are the ears. Also, there are no hairs on the skin of the body at all.

The owner said that when the news of the incident reached remote areas, people flocked to our house to see it. The owner also said that he was shocked to see the child because he had never seen such a scene before.



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