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Why Is It Worth Using Cloud Technology?

Cloud computing is one of the main resources of digital transformation, because it revolutionized the way data is transferred, processed, and stored. With its help, various organizations, institutions, and enterprises can develop much faster. What are the benefits of cloud solutions? Find out why is worth using them.
What is the advantage of using cloud technology?

Cloud technology (as broadly understood cloud computing services) is considered to be one of the most promising innovations. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs, scientists, and other experts can fully use the potential of their organizations, introducing several modern amenities. In this way, they gain easy, cost-effective access to extremely useful resources: computing power, data storage, programming environments, and ready-made applications.

Cloud technology is much easier and cheaper to maintain than standard IT infrastructure. Moreover, it is definitely more flexible and scalable. Its numerous advantages make it a new standard.

Benefits of a cloud technology

What are the benefits of cloud technology? Among the most important are:

  • unlimited storage capacity (the cloud can store over 1000 TB of data),
  • high speed (quick deployment),
  • automatic software updates and integration (the offered technology complies with the latest standards and requirements),
  • cooperation (the cloud gives access to data to multiple users at the same time, facilitating communication and collaboration),
  • efficiency and cost reduction (using cloud services is much cheaper than creating and maintaining own infrastructure),
  • flexibility and scalability (services and their scope adapt to a given situation and current needs),
  • quality control (easy access to centralized data and services allows to control of the progress of work on an ongoing basis),
  • reliability (the system is resistant to the failure of a single disk, server, cabinet, and even half of the entire infrastructure),
  • mobility (access from anywhere on the earth – via PC, laptop, and mobile devices),
  • data security (innovative protection systems, data loss prevention, disaster recovery, etc.),
  • complete control and tech support (the cloud is constantly controlled and supervised by a team of specialists).

How to make full use of the potential of cloud technology?

If you want to use the full potential of cloud technology, the most reasonable thing is to start a cooperation with an entity specializing in this field. In this way, you can use ready-made, proven solutions, and receive full support from an experienced team of specialists. This option is not only the most convenient but also the most profitable, as you only pay for the resources actually used.

One of the best providers of cloud services is CloudFerro – a company specializing in VHR photo initiatives. Enterprise works with many famous organizations and scientific institutions, such as ESA, EUMETSAT, ECMWF, and DLR.

Do you want to use CloudFerro Data Storage for Earth Observation? More information can be found at:



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